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Festival: Dance transit.


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  • 21/04/17 11-18 Uhr
  • 22/04/17 11-18 Uhr


Katarína Ďuricová & Tomáš Morávek

Light design Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who would like to know more about the significance of light and the possibilities it offers. Light is a strong partner for dancers and choreographers in contemporary dance. Its importance is not in just aesthetic, but because of specific angles, directions, colours, intensity and quality of light is giving a meaning and more power to concrete scenes. For artists is not important to know all physical characteristics of light. Most important is to know how to describe their visions and ideas.

Katarína Ďuricová is currently working on festivals management, coordinating technical issues on TANEC PRAHA festival, providing technical support for series of Dance, working on new lighting design and preparing, with Tomáš Morávek, activities of project School of Lighting design for year 2017 in Slovakia.

Tomáš Morávek is a Czech light designer and technician. He discovered the profession of light designer thanks to the Prague dance conservatory Duncan Centre, where he worked as a light technician and started progressively to do light designs mostly for students of this school. He was fascinated by the possibility of creating specific atmospheres and whole interiors on scene just using the lights. He then established himself as a freelancer and worked for other Prague theatres and companies. He participated in many festivals in Europe, especially in Holland, France and Slovakia and cooperated with choreografers in and outside Europe.

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