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dgtl fmnsm festival


  • 17/03/18 18:00-19:00

Live Online Show

Tabea Venrath & Miriam J. Carranza

Tinder Tendencies

„Do you think we can ever meet up?“
„No. Never... We are no humans. We are messages – only.”

Promising romantic and sexual encounters the popular dating-app tinder connects two interested users by chat. The following „dramaturgy of dating“ implies a meeting of the couple in „real life“ - realising the intentional promise. Tinder Tendencies explores the potentialities of intimate spaces and the mediation of platonic relationships apart from the inherent logic of the dating-app. During a live-online-show various speakers get caught up in conversion and interaction based on fictional and actual tinder chat dialogues.

The scenic reading by Tabea Venrath takes place within the installation Platonic Paradise created by Miriam J. Carranza (in collaboration with Lotte Meret Effinger). Platonic Paradise questions the dimensions of the digital self and the potentials of friendship, emotion and affection mediated through technology. The performance takes place in the GOLD+BETON (Cologne) and presented via live-stream as part of dgtl fmnsm in Dresden.

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