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  • 19/05/17 20:00
  • 20/05/17 20:00



state and dis-traction

This three-part evening winds its way through various states of concentration, distraction and interaction.

Magdalena Weniger Newcomer
Reality, the zebra
We are increasingly experiencing the modern-day separation of reality into the objective world of facts and people's subjective mental world. That reality is a zebra. It shimmers in the heat. An investigation.

Ka Dietze/ Jo Siamon Salich
WIRED (expanding on their 2016 research)
The dancers are in an interactive space. Bands strapped to their joints constrain their physicality and dynamism. Tension, restriction, articulation, connection – WIRED – a plea to slow down.

Alexei C. Bernard Newcomer
Chopped tomatoes – move forwards or stop
You are cooking. You look for a recipe online. You find something. You start slicing tomatoes. You move off the page with the recipe. You look for entertainment. You get lost in the entertainment. You get distracted. You forget the tomatoes. You take chopped ones from a tin. You lose yourself. Not only in reality.

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