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Sleeping with Appia under von Salzmann's sky

Open Night at the Festival Theatre

Space and time, architecture and movement, two Orfeos searching in vain for Eurydice – a fantastic world whose future is found in the past. The Open Night, the conclusion of the project Reconstruction of the future, approaches Appia and von Salzmann once again from different angles, giving the word both to their contemporaries and to the artists who have taken up their legacy. A night of performances, lectures, music, art interventions, and the chance to sleep and have breakfast beneath von Salzmann’s canopy of lights...

amongst other things:

Frédéric Flamand // The Body - Architecture - Traces // 18 Uhr

Jone San Martin / Amancio Gonzales / Ruben Picado / Maria José de Blas // Die Appia-Studien // 20 Uhr

Frédéric Flamand // Orfeo II // 21:30 Uhr

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden