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  • 16/11/17 19:00

Opening Concert

Secret Sounds

Pôm Bouvier B. is an electracoustic composer. She experiments with sound, improvisation and sound installations. She describes her music as ‘body music’, because of its physical implications for her and for the audience. For many years, she pursued a variety of artistic practices before beginning to play music in 2007. Her music is an exploration of materials, as well as the creation and transformation of those materials.

Stephen Grew has been playing totally improvised piano and electronic keyboard music for over 30 years. His music works with the life force of the instrument, the sounds of the instrument and a multiplicity of rhythmic patterns, dynamic extremes and whatever an improviser conjures in the creative moment. He has played in many European countries, toured relentlessly in his native country the UK and collaborated with many musicians, including the great British improvisers of our time. He also has countless recordings released on a variety of labels.

Eric Wong - Born 1981 in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Hong Kong, studied Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is a guitarist, computer musician, and improviser. Although he took some lessons at young age, he is mostly an autodidact. He focuses on sound textures and perception of sound.


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  • Eröffnungsticket:
    8 / 5 € (gültig Do 16.11., 19 – 24 Uhr)

  • Freitagsticket:
    10 / 6 € (gültig Fr 17.11., 19 – 24 Uhr)

  • Samstagsticket:
    10 / 6 € (gültig Sa 18.11., 13 – 24 Uhr)

  • Sonntagsticket:
    8 / 5 € (gültig So 19.11., 10 – 20 Uhr)

Tagesübergreifende Tickets

  • Vortragsticket:
    6 € (gültig Fr, 15 – 20 Uhr & Sa, 15 – 22 Uhr) für die Vorträge Neubronner, Luhn, Mausfeld, Gaßner

  • 24 hours-Ticket:
    30 € (inkl. Frühstück und warmer Mahlzeit am So, gültig Sa 18.11., 20 Uhr – So 19.11. 20 Uhr)

  • Festivalticket:
    39,90 € (gültig für alle Veranstaltungen, ohne Verpflegungspauschale für 24 HOURS)

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