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The 15th International Eurhythmics Workshop „Dalcroze 2017“

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  • 11/08/17 ab 10:00
  • 12/08/17 ab 10:00
  • 13/08/17 ab 10:00

„Space and Time“

The 15th International Eurhythmics Workshop „Dalcroze 2017“

The International Eurhythmics Workshop invites you to deal with the terms „time and space“ and its variegated assignments. Under musical and choreographical aspects we will examine the relationship between „time of earth“ – our chronometrical time – and the „human time“ as our perception. Musical parameters of time like metre, beat, note value and eurhythmics can be experienced as human relations. In the process, the methodical starting points of eurhythmics according to Emile Jaques- Dalcroze will be analysed. The focus will be on interpersonal communication such as mutual listening, seeing, feeling and non-verbal action.


in cooperation with HELLERAU–Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden and Villa Wigman für TANZ e.V.

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden