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  • 16/03/18 23:55

Live-DJ Set


a system of systems; the pattern of patterns in being

The Congolese- Belgian producer and DJ Melika Ngombe Kolongo, alias Nkisi is co- founder of NON- Worldwide, an collective of african artists, who engage as a network and as musicians against the visible and invisible structures of power and social injustice by their electronic music. Nkisi handle her sets through the influences of the central- and westafrican club scene, with susceptibility to mix certain punk sensibilty and modern electro- techno beats in the right way. Her production reflects deeply in these influences and provide a sound that is equally relentless and ecovative.

In a weeklong residency at the European Center for the Arts Dresden Nkisi is going to work on an new live-set, which will be exclusively presented in course of the festivals opening.

About the residency
a system of systems; the pattern of patterns in being
Nkisi explores the intra-relationality between rhythm and prediction. Sound/voice waves interplay between consciousness and hallucinations. The rhythmic experiments with conditions of perception that disrupt predetermined expectations. These prognostics emerge as rejections of colonial legacies of knowing, and their homogenous interpretations. Temporal sonics transform in air vibrations reaching in the dark and beyond. It refuses to know before the Humans and the Machines. Its transformative possibilities, defined by the interdependence of entangled pre-visions between sound and silence allow for Movements of energy. Where measured rhythm shatters into the a metric, collapses and unfolds into new pulses.

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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