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Mashreq to Maghreb

exhibition // photography 17.02.2017-25.02.2017

Corps Nu(L) and Nightshift (Myriam Boulos) & Here and Now. (Gilbert Hage)

Myriam Boulos // Corps Nu(L) und Nightshift

The theatre of Beirut emerges at night; a whole new social landscape appears, which fascinates me”, explains Myriam Boulos in Nightshift, which documents Beirut’s underground nightlife. Corps Nu(L) is about searching for a foothold in the foreign territory of a fragmented, contradictory society. The photographs depict women who choose for themselves what they want to show or hide.

Gilbert Hage // Here and Now

The portraits in the piece Here and Now examine issues around globalisation and identity. Portraits of Lebanese citizens, all looking straight into the camera in the same pose, are projected onto the fa- cade of the Festival Theatre.

Sa 18.02. <
guided tour with Gilbert Hage und Myriam Boulos in English & Arabic

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