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dgtl fmnsm festival


Founded by Canada Council for the arts.

Past Events

  • 16/03/18 19:00-23:55
  • 17/03/18 14:00-23:55
  • 18/03/18 14:00-21:00


Ungentrified (2018 edition)

Lorna Mills

The young festival has managed to secure a luminary of digital art production, the Canadian artist Lorna Mills. To create her dizzying animations and GIFs, installations and videos, Mills builds a collage of images found online that are awkward, offensive and consistently absurd. Her works reflect our current digital culture, its look, speed and narratives in a cultural kaleidoscope of statements from the media ranging from 4chain to pornhub. Like few other female artists of her time, she has the ability to turn the intimacy of online visual worlds into an immersive situation in the physical world of the exhibition.

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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