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Reihe Kunst und Spiritualität

MDR Sinfonieorchester


mit Kompositionen von Dobrinka Tabakova und Nico Muhly

Dobrinka Tabakova
Centuries of Meditations
Concerto for Cello and Strings

Nico Muhly
"Looking up" für Chor und Orchester

An audio journey into the cultural history of humanity: the Anglo-Bulgarian composer Dobrinka Tabakova puts together archaic sounds to paint impressive tonal pictures. Her compositions bring to life memories of long-gone musical epochs, working with the melodic general knowledge of the western world and beyond – creating their very own, timelessly beautiful sounds. In this piece of sacral music, the choral composition “Looking Up”, the American composer Nico Muhly focuses on humanity through the lens of our faith and our mysticism.

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