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  • 23/02/18 21.30
  • 24/02/18 21.30

Linie 08


ConTrust Collective

length: 40 min

TRUST – is an ambiguous feeling which we constantly seek out, yet simultaneously fear. TRUST is a dynamic voyage through unknown terrain, during which we take steps backwards and forwards.
Are we prepared to trust?

Choreography Malwina Stepien
Dance Alberto Cissello
Martin Angiuli
Malwina Stepien

Claudio Cangialosi/ Massimo Gerardi/ subsTANZ

A cross-generational-performance

length: 45 min

In Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche wrote, “In a genuine man, a child is hidden; it wants to play.”
Becoming an adult is a process which everyone has to face alone. MANkind examines that process from the point of view of two “mature male dancers”. What does it mean to become an adult? Does it mean acting seriously and stifling your feelings? Many of the typical characteristics of an adult man are not in our nature, which we describe in this piece as being “cheerful”.

Co-produced with Centre Chorégraphique National de Mulhouse – Acceuil Studio 2017

Chiara Detscher
Music, dance and poetry

A reading

length: 15 min

Poetry, dance and music are merged in the form of a reading. Alina Gropper provides a musical background to Silvio Colditz’s poems from The Muzzle and the Dance.

Choreography and dance Chiara Detscher
Text Silvio Colditz
Music / Violine Alina Gropper

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