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Thalia Kino Dresden

Past Events

  • 15/05/18 20:00

75 min + Conversation

B-Europe Kurzfilme mit dem FILMFEST DRESDEN

Programme from the 30th FILMFEST DRESDEN competition and other film competitions on the subjects of populism, work, migration and crisis.

Korinna Kraus (D,2017) // Chuckwalla // 23 min.

A Greek island. The unemployed Tassos and his girlfriend Niki have to move out of their house. It will be torn down to build a new road. They decide to emigrate to Niki's homeland Bulgaria. But both fear what is to come and cannot part from what they leave behind. Tassos starts to fight a group of strangers, who steal stones from their garden wall. Niki hides behind sarcasm and takes to drinking. When they realize how far they have drifted apart, it already seems too late.

Randa Maroufi // Stand- by Office (2017) // 13 min.

The video introduces a group of people within an office building. As an inventory of everyday office work gestures, we see among others a receptionist on the phone, a man in his office sorting files, a work meeting ... Gradually unusual new situations occur and change our relationship to this common space.

Dimitris Argyriou // Monica // 5 min.

Monica wanted to become hair dresser, when she was young… Things went wrong…This is her story... (Based on a real interview with a human trafficking victim.)

AWARDS: - AUDIENCE AWARD at SHORT OF THE YEAR, 2017 - BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at SHORT OF THE YEAR 2017 - Shortlisted for the Online Audience Award at SHORT OF THE YEAR 2017 - BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM in London Greek Film Festival 2016

Despoina Kourti // Ourania // 16 min.

Ourania is a middle aged woman who has neglected herself. The appearance of a young man will help her regain her long lost woman nature.

Veronika Schubert // In erster Linie (2016) // 5:20 min.

Dimitris Abatzis // Yelena (2015) // 16 min.

Directly following: Conversation with Dimitris Argyriou (Hellas Filmbox Berlin) and Sven Pötting (Programmverantwortlicher beim FILMFEST Dresden).

In Corporation with Weiterdenken - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Sachsen.

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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