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Golgi Park: Workshop mit Mohamed Ali Ltaief (Dalì)



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  • 20/11/15 12:00 - 18:00
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Workshop / Installation / Präsentation

The Foreigner in Philosophy

Golgi Park: Workshop mit Mohamed Ali Ltaief (Dalì)

This workshop will be about joining up with refugees to work with the topic of foreignness and exclusion. The participating refugees' personal stories and current situation will influence the philosophical and artistic engagement with the subject.

Now-Here, « Foreigners » who cross borders by the sea and by the land towards the unown, a physic, mental and absolute unknown. By necessity those foreigners invent new pathes of existence, as violence is like love: It forces to philosophize oneselve in some kind.

Like it was once upon a time on the border of the greek world, The ancient foreigners on the run were at the same time tradesmen, artisants but also big travellers: Asia, Italy, Africa were odyssean phases of their journeys, connecting the philosopher to philosophy.

Which kind of foreigner can we find in philosophy? And which connection is there between the today`s refugees and the foreigner?

Is philosophy inseparable from an imagined origin, An unknown, fragmented, origin, lost in one`s memory, transforming the exile into a thinker? Or the thinker into an exile?

What is it, that will give him an equivalent to the territory, like a valuable "at home"? What is the connection between the thought and the shaking ground?

The idea is to create a kind of installation that includes those questions. We want to accompaign the refugees to represent their escape-in-extreme questions through painting, dancing and video, jump like Kierkegaard, dance like Nietzsche, dive like Melville - with the aim to create together a map of the Foreigner`s Figure in Philosophy. A map with is populated by the living experiences and by poetical, pictorial and sonorial moments.

Mohamed Ali Ltaief (Dali) was born 1984 in Tunis, visual artist and performer, lives and works between Tunis and Berlin. He is one of the co-founders of the art-movement « Ahl Al- Kahf »(Tunis 2010-2012), and a performer within the Italian theater group « Motus ». In 2014 he founded in Berlin the "Bios collective ». His work is situated between visual, video and installation.

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