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  • 17/03/18 21:00


Georgiana and the Dragon

Georges Jacotey

Georges Jacotey is a media and performance artist based in Athens. Their work examines notions of gender-queer representation and "ironic" misandry, and has been recently shown at Manifesta 11 (Zürich), CODE art fair (Copenhagen), Nu Performance Festival (Tallinn) and dgtlfmnsm (Dresden), among other places. They have attended the Film Studies department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, from which they dropped out for reasons pertaining to the greek economic crisis of 2008. Since 2015, Jacotey and their partner, fashion designer Nikolaos Tsironis, co-run the femme clothing brand DAGLARA.


About the residency
Georgiana and the Dragon

It was during the great persecution that Georgiana left her little village in pursuit of Greatness. God had placed the divine call within her heart but gave her no directions other than to travel as far from home as possible. She toured continental Europe for years, until the day she reached imperial Dresda, where it was meant to meet her destiny. As the popular legend goes, she slew the dragon who had been casting a shadow of death over the city. But sadly her convictions were unpopular to the people of Dresda who eventually decided to do away with her.
Georgiana and the Dragon is a pastiche of a performance that likens art careerism to competitive sainthood and identity politics to actual martyrdom. In this dramatic reenactment, Georges Jacotey parodies his own delusions of grandeur as an unrepresented contemporary artist.

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