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In German language, 30min followed by a discussion, 60min.

Past Events

  • 17/11/17 15:00

Lecture & Discussion

Dagmar Neubronner

What does free learning mean?

Creative people and not only creative people are convinced that our schools do not fulfill their purpose. The opinion that the school system is failing and needs to be reformed is, once again, widespread. Some people, for instance the award-winning U. S. teacher John Taylor Gatto, believe that it is precisely the hidden purpose of the school system to prevent our developing into free creative people, capable of relationships.

Whether it is as a result of incompetence or intention, the question remains, could it be a result anything else?

Dipl. Biol. Dagmar Neubronner enabled her two sons, born in 1996 and 1999, to live and grow up without school. The parents of Neubronner campaigned for their children's right to free learning, and the family became well-known nationwide through many instances of lawsuit and by numerous media appearances.

She will talk about her surprising experiences. As head of the German-language work at the Neufeld institute of developmental psychology, she is more than capable of illustrating, from an expert point of view, why and how free learning works. After her lecture there will be plenty of time for questions.

The speaker, Dipl.Biol. Dagmar Neubronner manages the Genius Verlag publishing house, which she founded 20 years ago. In addition, for the last 11 years she has created the developmental psychology training courses of the Canadian New Field Institute for parents, educators and therapists in German-speaking countries. She has published books, articles and videos, has worked on radio stations and she has a blog on developmental psychology and many other topics.

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