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  • 17/11/17 17:00


Gerhard Luhn

Everything just fake – even our „imagination“?

More than in previous years a lecture program is accentuated in this year’s festival. Speakers from different backgrounds such as the psychologist Rainer Mausfeld and cosmologist Dr. Josef M. Gaßner present ideas of overcoming corporative barriers to unfold human’s creative potential.

A new model of neurobiology and physics shows us the forgotten core of our (fellow) humanity: the imaginative - our self - our future. Let us highlight on what philosophers have lost sight of, what Pisa does not understand, which cannot be computed by google, but what is most important in life: on imagination and the unfolding of our potentials.

We have been striving for an understanding of the world since ancient times. In the last century, physics and engineering sciences have achieved unprecedented successes. However, a self-assimilated and compassionate way of life seems to be difficult to find.

Things change surprisingly when we take a so far "forbidden" view: the perspective of the imaginary. Unexpectedly, the place of our true human being appears. This allows us not only to establish an intimate link to neurobiology, but also to better understand the meaning and purpose of our existence: the unfolding of our potentials!

This speech is dedicated to the neuro-biologist Gerald Hüther.

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