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ELISION Ensemble

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  • 29/11/16 20:00


ELISION Ensemble

Formed in Melbourne, in 1986, ELISION’s work has focused increasingly on pushing physical boundaries in search of certain kinds of visceral expressive experiences, the musical body in extremis being a benchmark of our repertoire. In a digitised world where physical presence is frequently replaced by avatars capable of generating enormously complex effects, ELISION continues to be fascinated by an artisanal and intimately gestural approach to the production of music. Value is placed on the effort of a moment-to-moment working out of things. A choreographic attention to traces between the body and its effects is keenly visible in the scores of composers Timothy McCormack and Evan Johnson.
ELISION’s work is driven by the desire to explore long-term co-creative processes of dialogue with composers, in which musicians collaborate with composers to imagine, develop and build new technical and expressive means. The scores we have commissioned propose new forms of musical thinking and also reflect the energies of ELISION musicians as strong sources of inspiration – this music would simply not have been conceived in this way without these performers. Of special importance to ELISION in this regard is the music of composers Liza Lim and Richard Barrett, composers with whom the ensemble has now spent three decades of investing its energies and commitments with. ELISION is Australia’s premier new music ensemble.

Liza Lim wild winged one (2007) 8' for solo trumpet

Matthew Sergeant [Terrains] (2016) 11’ For solo quarter-tone flugelhorn with preparation

Timothy McCormack Heavy Matter (2012) 10’ For trombone

Evan Johnson Apostrophe 2 (pressing down on my sternum) (2009) 6’ for quarter-tone flugelhorn and alto trombone

Luke Paulding where dust is in their mouths and clay is their food (2012-2013) 10’ for flugelhorn, tenor trombone and percussion

Richard Barrett Lens (2012/14) 7’ For electric lap steel guitar and quarter-tone flugelhorn

Richard Barrett Codex IV (2004-6) 10’ for four players

ELISION ensemble:
Daryl Buckley | electric lap-steel guitar
Benjamin Marks | trombone
Peter Neville | percussion
Tristram Williams | flugelhorn

Supported by Australia Council and Australian Government, Department of Communications and the Arts

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