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  • 16/03/18 19:00- 02:00
  • 17/03/18 14:00- 23:55
  • 18/03/18 14:00- 23:55


die Blaue Distanz

Interaktive Rauminstallation

Bring your home slippers!

The central forum for the negotiation of digital forms of intimacy becomes physically tangible in this utopian feminist space designed by the Dresden artist duo the blue distance (Anna Erdmann, Franziska Goralski). The interior design provides the basic setting for a three-day-long session of transmitting and receiving information, with everyone involved being able to freely select where they stay and carry out activities.

The three temples of the forum consist in the wells providing basic supplies: the massage well, the snack well and the water well. The forecourts of the temples invite visitors to explore: to read manifestos on the flokati rug, to get closer to a whisper by means of a joystick or to come up with utopian ideas in the “cool-up area”. May your wells run deep༉. Questions about technology-based forms of intimacy are explored in collective events with artists, activists and visitors, who are invited to delve into them either online or offline.


Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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