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Herbstferien­ Medienworkshop

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  • 16/03/18 19:00-23:55
  • 17/03/18 14:00 - 18:00
  • 18/03/18 14:00 - 18:00


Vermittlung und Kollaboration



All interactions, links and references to the individual activities of the program will be published and monitored during the festival via facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/ -become part of our interactive facebook-festival within the festival.
The links to the durational activities will be activated here at the beginning of the festival. A device with Internet is required for participation. In the festival room laptops and tablets are provided.


Knowledge-Well - Infinite archive of feminist knowledge
Online-Walks - wwweb-Routes
Hot Phones - Relaxation-Massage
EVALUATE - Shared document to clarify the question why we are here

23.00-24.00 Karaoke-Pool

15.00-17.00 intime inbetween time xoxo - Pep-Talk
16.00-16.30 Sit With Tina @dgtl fmnsm - Live-Online-Meditation
18.30-19.30 follow up Tinder Tendencies - Live Chat
21.00-22.00 :::sotrue - Truth-TV
22.00-23.00 Karaoke-Pool

15.00-15.30 Sit With Tina @dgtl fmnsm - Live-Online-Meditation
15.30-17.30 Collective Intimacy
16.00-17.00 :::sotrue - Truth-TV


The online-programm of the festival enables an own collaborative and experimental space - somewhere between the Festspielhaus, locked inspiration, three open tabs and an infinite feminist network. We move forward with our digital tentakles into a temporary community, accompanied by clicks and links, constantly transforming itself. In our shared spaces on facebook audience and members of the festival and all people interested in dgtl fmnsm can exchange thoughts and ideas about topics, discourses and art. And can make up connections and topics themself on this way. With simple tools we share our ideas and inspiration online, we dive, hide behind comments, swap, network and be bored.
Depending on the level of your mood and energy you can choose between various activities and non-activities.
You can participate from every place.
There are tablets provided for the festival audience in the Festspielhaus.
Further information you find in the TIMETABLE. The links to the formats are published during the festival-weekend at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm.

Infinite Archive of feminist Knowledge
You are searching for feminist sources and voices, but you don’t know where to start?
You are looking for some inspiration, quotations or comments? There is this one important website, you want everybody to know?
Anonymously and supportive you can work on expanding the Archive of feminist Knowledge.
You can set, rework, delete, expand and fill categories by your own. Together we support the common DIY-Tool with our heterogenous knowledge for and out of the network of dgtl fmnsm.
Drop a link or click through the Archive.

Go for a walk through the individual www of the members of dgtl fmnsm. Stroll around the digital paths of the artists and discover their Must-Sees, enchanting places and corners in the digital sphere. The network of dgtl fmnsm made up their routes by browsing their chronicles and bookmarks. Follow the links, hide in comments, loose yourself and recover with personal associations and records.

EVALUATE- Shared document to clarify the question why we are here
Leave a comment with your wishes, suggestions and critique about the festival. How did you come across dgtl fmnsm, what or who brought you here? What expectations did you come up with or did you join us? We appreciate your words and emojis.

We scroll through our phones until they heat up to generate the right temperature for the HOT PHONE relaxation massage. Everyone is invited to participate and join the High-Tech Self-Care community actively. Total relaxation for the mind, body and soul! Light therapy included!

VIDEO at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/


You are clicking through the web for hours and there's no source of recreation? Join the Karaoke-Pool and float through its familiar sounds, resist the urge of perfection and shine on the online-stage of home-based singstars. A warm voice will give you a hand, if the waves are too heavy for you. There's a place reserved for everyone who want to hang their feet in the water.
And then….all together!
FR 23-00.00
SAT 22-23.00

LINK at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/

intime inbetween time xoxo - Pep-Talk

You feeling it? Not? Intimidated by such new intimacy? Call me. I am there to help you embrace your digital haptophobia and tell you what you need to hear right now to enter dgtl fmnsm.
SAT 15-17

LINK at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/

Sit With Tina @dgtl fmnsm - Shared Live-Online-Meditation
How can I meditate with others when I am constantly moving? I start where I am and open the laptop: The network as a bridge to others, a live video as an anchor for the collective presence. The rest is enlightened practice or systematizes boredom: 25 minutes sit with what is.
SAT 16-16:30
SUN 15-15:30

LINK at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/

:::sotrue Truth-TV
I am here for all your questions
You feel like you have lost touch with the floor? Your mailbox seems to be broken and you would like some cosmic support to fix the problem? Do you suffer from a slow internet connection and you only see the live stream in pixels? The entered page hasn't loaded since hours?
For information and questions about router, Life&Love you are in the right place at Pulsatilla Feigenbaum! I'm always available with my astral connections to the universe
My services include traditional and new methods of divination.
SAT 21-22
SU 16-17
LINK at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/

Follow up Tinder Tendencies - Live Chat
1 Dating App Pro, 1 Dating App Beginner and 1 Dating App 0 are following Tinder Tendencies with chill but chilled: They got 1 hour to respond. And you can follow up reading live. Chat with: Beth Lorette, Meet Grinder und Pea Not Butt
SAT 18.30-19.30
LINK at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/

Collective Intimacy
Inspired by the slogan "the personal is political" and consciousness-raising groups of second wave feminism in this chatroom we will explore strategies of exchange, feminist organisation and talk about personal experiences.
SU 15.30-17.30

LINK at facebook.com/dgtlfmnsm/


Nadja Buttendorf (#HotPhones)(1984) is a transdisciplinary visual artist based in Berlin. Buttendorf is specialized in questions of cybernetic enhancements of the human body, alien speculative scenarios and posthuman jewellery. She is a founding member of the Cyborgs e.V. Berlin and is known to have coined the term 'Explants'. http://nadjabuttendorf.com/

Marten Flegel (Karaoke-Pool) sometimes accidentally sings in public. Every now and then he dreams of opening up a secret karaoke bar, where nobody needs to be alone. He is part of the theatre collective DIE SOZIALE FIKTION, whose latest work was dedicated to the economies and affects of care work. www.sozialefiktion.org

lotti bfox (Live-Online-Chat Nachgespräch Tinder Tendencies / intime inbetween time xoxo - Pep-Talk) are all about poetic mindfulness, surfacing here and there to engage with the scenic arts and crafts with a strong believe in metamorphoses, gender revolution and nature as limitless paradigm for meaningful and responsible earthly celebration.

Martina Roell (Sit with Tina) has been wondering what life is since they were three years old. Somes she believes that meditation might bring her answers. "Sit with Tina" is a cultivation of her Zen-Buddhist practise that she began in 2006. http://www.roell.net

Since 2017, Pulsatilla Feigenbaum (:::sotrue) has been offering its programme :::sotrue on some public radio stations and streams in this country. Her services include above all new-interpretations of classical divinatory methods. Besides, she is an artist-in-residence in the course of studies of Protestant theology at a famous university and researches into truthS.

Christina Harles (Collective Intimacy) is interested in experimental art and knowledge production at the interface of theory, artistic, activist and educational practice. As a researcher she has a special interest in intersectional encounters of feminist, queer and post-colonial theory and decolonial practices.

The workshop is offered and accompanied by Laura Bleck and Josefine Soppa.
questions and registration: aroomofourown@riseup.net

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