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Workwithinwork // High Breed

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  • 22/09/17 20:00
  • 23/09/17 20:00
  • 24/09/17 20:00
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Dresden Premiere

Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

Workwithinwork // High Breed

A Choreography by William Forsythe

Music: Luciano Berio, Duetti per due violini, vol. 1 (1979-83)

Spare and austere in atmosphere, the ballet offers a detailed, musical rendering of apparently infinite extrapolations upon classical technique, while freeing the dancers from its conventional logic. Like many different possible conversations, a succession of beautiful duos - from a combative encounter between two men at the start of the work, circling one another with edgy athleticism, to a tender pas de deux in which a woman is swept through the air in arabesque with a slow, sculptural inevitability - forms the heart of the piece. (Roslyn Sulcas)

High Breed
A Choreography by Jacopo Godani
Music: 48nord

In High Breed Jacopo Godani presents an elemental creation whose choreography – abstract and pure aesthetically – serves as the main means of artistic expression. With a physical intensity rich in action and in exactitude, virtually mathematical in its precision, Godani demonstrates the quintessence of the company’s identity. By forgoing the superficial and emphasizing a masterful knowledge of technique in High Breed the audience experiences choreography as a signature event in the truest sense of that word.

Sponsored by the state capital of Dresden and the Free State of Saxony, as well as the city of Frankfurt am Main and the state of Hesse. Company-in-Residence in HELLERAU - the European Center for the Arts Dresden and the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt am Main.

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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