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  • 16/05/18 20:00

Podiumsdiskussion mit Dr. Noa Ha und Stefan Schönfelder,

Für wen sind die Städte Europas?

Panel discussion Who are Europe’s cities for?

Clean, safe, dry – that’s how we’d like to imagine our German and European cities. A casual touch of colonial, racist history on their streets hardly bothers us at all. Stefan Schönfelder of Weiterdenken at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Saxony asks Dr Noa Ha, head of the Centre for Integration Studies at TU Dresden, about the politico-historical debate on public spaces in European cities.

How can we give young people a chance to experience Europe? How can we make young people more aware of European citizenship? The organisation Europa Direkt e.V. is currently developing methods and materials which those working in informal education can hand out on the subject of Europe.

A Living Library works like a normal library: visitors come and borrow books. However, the “books” in the Living Library are people whom visitors can “borrow” for a 20-minute discussion. They can “borrow” EU politicians, Erasmus students or ex EU placement students.

Tatjana, Gerti and Monika work hard at a dilapidated laundry in Hamburg. Their pay is low. Despite everything, they get through their hard-working day with dignity; they are unsung heroines of hope who occasionally manage to snatch a tiny scrap of happiness.

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden

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