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Festival: Dance transit.

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  • 22/04/17 21:30

Dance 50 min.

Tereza Ondrová / Peter Šavel

As Long As Holding Hands

This is the second duet of Peter and Tereza. After the internationally succesfull piece Boys Who Like To Play With Dolls, this time they take a trip into the world of love an it`s complex forms - once again - purely physically.

In their latest project the Czech-Slovak duo of creators have embarked on a journey of discovery of various forms of romantic relationships which know no obstacles of age or gender. A performance about two beings, which pass each other, search for each other, lissten to each other, experience. They are together, they are each somewhere else, they do and do not undertsand each other, they try to talk, they shout, they laugh, they trust each other, they fail, they don't give up, they continue. Currious, naive, always trying to be close in togetherness, so often in separate universes, though next to each other, always holding hands. As long, as holding hands...

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