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Katia Manjaté (Mosambique) and Anna Till (Germany), Performing arts, Residency 19 – 30 March 2018

Katia Manjaté (Mosambique) and Anna Till (Germany), Performing arts, Residency 19 – 30 March 2018

Titel of the new production:
life in numbers (working title)

The dancers and choreographers Anna Till from Dresden, Germany and Katja Manjaté based in Maputo, Mosambique were invited by HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts Dresden for a residency in Germany. Katia Manjatá and Anna Till first met in an artistic collaboration during a 1,5 year exchange program initiated and produced by tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, HELLERAU - European Center for Arts Dresden and École des Sables Sénégal. During the residency they develop their new piece "life in numbers" (working title).

Manjate/ Till is first of all driven by the interest of the two artists in each others. They share gender, age and profession, yet they are aware of their different life and working contexts. „life in numbers“ is a performance and research project initiated on that basis, asking for the relevance of mathematic comparability. Statistics, calculations and currencies are used as pretended focal point to create a multiple identity based on the artist's biographic data. Your date of birth, the amount of money on your bank account, the number of your children, the number of inhabitants of your city, the time per day you spend on the phone, the time per day you spend sleeping, the number of friends and relatives you have, your income, the price of a piece of butter, the costs of your health insurance and and and – what are these numbers telling us?

During the research Manjate/ Till will rehearse in dance studios in Maputo and Dresden and establish an exchange format for the time that they cannot be in the same place. Leading questions of their inquiry will be pursued by each individually and reported to the other one via e-mail. The filmmaker and sociologist Barbara Lubich (based in Dresden) will accompany the process and develop a story of images that go in dialogue with the performance on stage. Manjate/ Till will work with a mixed artistic team from Germany and Mozambique to ensure the focus on cultural exchange.

Artistic direction, Dance and choreography: Katja Manjaté (MOZ), Anna Till (GER).
Video: Barbara Lubich (GER) // Outside Eye: Panaibra Canda (MOZ).
Light design: Martin Mulik (GER).
Head of production: Bettina Lehmann – situation productions (GER), CulturArte (MOZ).
Cooperation partners: HELLERAU – EZK Dresden, Centro Franco-Mocambicano, Maputo


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