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Shanawaara (Brazil), Performing arts / Music, Residency from 12 – 26 June 2017

Shanawaara (Brazil), Performing arts / Music, Residency from 12 – 26 June 2017

with Tatiana Heide Calvoso, José de Paiva Filho, Manoela Rangel Galdeano, Ana Paula Malavazi Santos

Title of the new production:
Searching Shanawaara

Last year the transgender artist and musician Shanawaara was at the Festival Projeto Brazil in HELLERAU. In June this yeas Shanawaara will be again at the European Center for the Arts Dresden as artist-in-residence. In 2016 in the performance “Born A Diva - Wold Tour" Shanawaara addressed the figure of the queer diva in the context of the spectacle: “I don´t know if I am an alter ego, a character, a person, a clown, a drag queen. Probably I am a little bit of everything”, said Shanawaara. A year later, Shanawaara rediscovers her role as a queer-transgender artist in the context of current political conditions in Brazil.

Shanawaara has doubts
The diva was born. Now, the diva has to…
Shanawaara answers: I’m none of above or all the above combined in a body of the spectacle.
In times of war, riots, refugees and LGBT exile the deconstruction of the diva is necessary.
- What does it mean to be a diva? What does it mean to be Shanawaara?
Thinking of a Latin scene on European soil.
- Why, Shanawaara?
There are no simple answers. There are doubts to unmask.
Far from spectacle, there is revolution.

(Shanawaara, June 2017)

Friday, 23 June 2017, 10 pm, Festspielhaus HELLERAU

Within the residency Shanawaara will perform at the queer-feminist festival böse & gemein Friday, 23 June 2017, 1 am, objekt klein a, Meschwitzstrasse 9

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden