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BBB_ (Deutschland), Performing arts, Bildende Kunst, Musik, Residenz 05. – 12. August 2017

BBB_ (Deutschland), Performing arts, Bildende Kunst, Musik, Residenz 05. – 12. August 2017

Alla Poppersoni and Alexander Sahm have been working at the interface between music, performance, art, design and contemporary philosophy since 2015. Against the background of various degrees of interferences of digital and physical realities, Alla Poppersoni and Alexander Sahm use this "layering" of digital and physical media within their work. Their live performances combine post-humanist and feminist theories – for example when Alla Poppersoni's live and / or computer voice submits text pieces from a lecture by feminist Helen Hester – as well combining these with musical live effects by Alexander Sahm and a certain post-digital visuality. Situated within contemporary processes of increasing dependencies on technologies BBB_ stages hybrid fabrications that disturb rationalist, humanist and “modern” experience. 

During their residency in HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden The artisict duo BBB_ are developing an augmented reality route trough every corner of the buillding, allowing the public to enter further into Reconstruction the Future on their own mobile devices.

Alla Poppersoni and Alexander Sahm studied both Electronic media at the university for art and design at Offenbach. Since 2015 they work together as BBB
. Recent projects inlcude: Buddha App Says II VR Version: "The Divine And The Device", Naxoshalle, Node Festival (Frankfurt, 2017), I D’ RATHER BE AN IPHONE (live), Mousounturm, Node Festival (Frankfurt, 2017)

17 October till 11 November 2017
Exhibiton / Installtion
Virtual Appia - an interactive installation

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden