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Arno Schuitemaker (Netherlands), Performing arts, Residency from 13 – 24 May 2017

Arno Schuitemaker (Netherlands), Performing arts, Residency from 13 – 24 May 2017

Title of the new production “If You Could See Me Now”, with Wim Selles (composer), Revé Terborg (dancer), Guy Cools (dramaturge), Vinny Jones (light designer, szenograpgh)

“If You Could See Me Now” is a new work that builds upon Arno Schuitemaker’s ongoing research on the perception of movement. He again revolves and expands the interdependent relationships of the body and movement with light, music, sound, aiming this time to challenge and confuse the senses. A continuous process of appearing and disappearing, looming and dissolving, results in an elastic experience of time and space. “If You Could See Me Now” will become a more than one hour long performance in which perception ongoingly refreshes, adjusts and rediscovers itself.

With the project, Arno Schuitemaker continues the fruitful collaboration with composer Wim Selles, who has created music scores for his work since 2012. He will start a new collaboration with lighting designer and scenographer Vinny Jones. The project is the third performance for three performers, completing a trilogy in which each work has its own perspective and identity.

« If You Could See Me Now » is a SHARP/ArnoSchuitemaker production supported by HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste (Dresden, Germany), O Espaço Do Tempo - Associação Cultura, (Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal) and KLAP Maison pour la danse (Marseille, France)

16 December 2017, Tafelhalle, Nürnberg, German premiere 19 December 2017, Theater Frascati, Amsterdam, Dutch premiere

was born in 1976 in The Netherlands. His creations include EXIT (2009), TIDE (2011), The Fifteen | DUET (2012), I is an Other (2014), WHILE WE STRIVE (2015), Together_till the end (2015) and I will wait for you (2016).

Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden