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  • 10/11/17 22:00

Robert Wilson

Tower of Babel

The second radio play by the theatre director Robert Wilson is about one of the most well­known stories in the Old Testament: the foolish, utopian idea of building a tower that would reach up to Heaven. The building of the famous Tower of Babel ends with human languages being jumbled up and their speakers scattering across the world. In his radio play, Robert Wilson brings together an over­whelming variety of texts, music and languages. From de­scriptions of a town in Ancient Babylonia to contemporary collages, he combines examples of art and the human spirit from many different epochs. To some extent, Robert Wilson’s Tower of Babel turns the Biblical story around, or completes it, by revealing the uniting power of art.

Tower of Babel received the German radio play prize of the ARD 2016.

Tower of Babel is a co-production of the Hessian Rundfunk, BBC / NDR / rbb / SWR 2016. It received the German radio play prize of ARD 2016.

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