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  • 28/10/17 18:00


Prof. Jurjen Zeinstra (TU Delft) / Héctor Solari / Carla Di Donato

Alexander von Salzmann, Heinrich Tessenow und das Hellerauer Experiment

The Great Hall of the Festspielhaus is generated by the remarkable encounter of the creative talents of Jaques-Dalcroze, Appia, Von Salzmann and Tessenow. The radical reduction and abstraction that was realized in this room, both in dance, stage design and lighting, has had a lasting effect on many arts, and not the least on architecture. Heinrich Tessenow used the interior of the Festspielhaus, and in particular spaces such as the entrance hall and the stairwells, to give a clear demonstration of his sensitive approach of space, rhythm and light. The revolutionary experiments that Appia and Von Salzmann developed for the Great Hall are reflected in Tessenow’s design, not only in the Festspielhaus but in his entire oeuvre. The panel wants to draw out these reflections and explore their values for contemporary architects and designers. Students from the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, who have studied the interior of the Festspielhaus, will display models of the building’s interior that were specially made for this event.

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