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Afterwards (Saturday): audience talk

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  • 03/11/17 20:00
  • 04/11/17 20:00

Tanz / Film

Canstanza Macras /Dorkypark

Die Wahrheit über Monte Verità

Similarly to Hellerau Festival Theatre, in the first third of the twentieth century, Monte Verità, in the Swiss canton of Ticino, was a Mecca for artists and intellectuals, an El Dorado for followers of reform movements. Visitors included the father of modern dance, Rudolf von Laban (along with Mary Wigman). The Truth about Monte Verità links in with this legend, depicting a revue featuring dance, music and film in the intellectual ruins of the artists’ colony. Macras and her company Dorkypark do not so much use the titular place as a concrete location as trace its temporal context and the remains that linger in our cultural memory. Everything is motivated by the expressionist look of silent films by Fritz Lang or Bela Lugosi. Though everyone starts out jiving to the Charleston and swing, melancholy and power struggles soon enter the picture in the form of grotesque duos and trios. Macras digs up fragments of this Utopia and asks whether they have really gone for good, or are just buried beneath the ruins.

A production by Constanza Macras / Dorkypark in Cooperation with the Schauspiel Leipzig and euro-scene Leipzig

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