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  • 11/11/17 21:30

Lange Nacht – Sleeping with Appia under von Salzmann's sky

Frédéric Flamand

Orfeo II

Looking back at the opera Orpheus and Eurydice directed by Adolphe Appia, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze and Alexander von Salzmann in 1912/1913 In Hellerau. Some years ago, the Belgian director Frédéric Flamand staged Orpheus and Eurydike in the Opera of St. Stephan and the Opera of Versailles. For Reconstruction of the future he will be presenting a reconstruction of his work Orfeo II. Two Orfeos (the victor and the loser) play and embody all the characters from the opera (Cupid, the god of love, the dog Cerberus, the Furies, the joyful shadows of the Champs Elysées), except for Eurydice, for whom they are desperately searching. Orfeo II Is the myth of absolute desire and the forbidden gaze. Flamand locates the myth in a modern city, which he designed with the Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck and presents through film takes as a model made of 500 white sugar cubes, plastic bottles and pieces of wood. Flamand's staging questions the contemporary world, where we are constantly bombarded with contradictory images.

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