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In the following Public Talk. The audience discussion is in the duration of 60 min. contain

Past Events

  • 10/11/17 20:00

60 min.

Avatâra Ayuso / Ángel Martínez Roger


Ángel Martínez Roger, professor of dramaturgy at the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico in Madrid, presented Appia's works to the Spanish audience in 2004 in a large exhibition. Together with the Spanish choreographer Avatâra Ayuso, they go on an experimental journey: Their play APPI(A)PPIA illustrates the consequent development of Appia's revolutionary staging theories. Avatâra Ayuso and Ángel Martínez Roger reflect in an unconventional way, between dance and discourse, with words and movements, Appia's radical renewals to body, space and light.

A production by HELLERAU - European Center of the Arts Dresden.

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