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  • 29/10/17 20:00

Jone San Martin / Amanico Gonzales / David Kern (online)

About Clouds

Based on "Clouds after Cranach" by William Forsythe

About Clouds is a retrospective performance of the second part of William Forsythe's Clouds after Cranach, a piece often described as Forsythe's Guernica. Forsythe's unexpectetd deconstructions of performance space, a constant within his work, play a crucial role in Clouds after Cranach.

About Cloudsoffers a closer look at the inner paths taken by the original work: the performers are confronted with a dramatic situation; right in front of the audience, they analyse why they are taking decisions as dancers and choreographers at a certain moment in the piece, to resolve the theatrical situation which William Forsythe put us in for that piece.

Precisely in tune with Appia, the addition of a second place - with the dancer David Kern appearing online - adds an undefined exterior to the interior space of the action.

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