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Past Events

  • 24/10/15 15:00 - 20:00

In Cooperation with the Umundu Festival 2015

Golgi Park: Umundu Gardening Day

Program Golgi Park // Sat October 24 // 15:00 - 20:00

3 pm
Tanzmanege! The stage is yours!

The dance performance by and with children from Gorbitz reflects this year's festival theme of Umundu Unter uns der Boden . Pelle Tillö, dance teacher and circus artist from Sweden, and Franziska Kusebauch, dance teacher and dancer from Germany, will work for several days with children in the Golgi Park, explore the floor, the area, plants and environment. For the final presentation on October 24, the garden becomes a stage and dance floor, a place of artistic encounter and discussion with children and young people from other parts of Dresden.

Sponsored by "Chance Dance" of Federal Dance Association in Schools within the framework of "Kultur macht stark!". Project partners are the Jugendkunstschule Dresden, the Tanznetz Dresden and the Projektschmiede as well as the Hort Tintenklecks in Gorbitz.

4 pm
Talking Gardens
Documentary by Teresa Beck and René Reichelt

They are everywhere: wild and proper gardens, small and big gardens, street corners, old brownfield sites and now gardens on the roofs of Berlin. With new awareness, citizens are working for the transformation of their city. They want their town to be green, they grow their own fruit and vegetables and they actively want to shape their city. They are socially and politically engaged. The documentary Talking Gardens - The Berlin Urban Gardening Movement is focusing on this latest movement by seven different garden projects in Berlin and highlighting their particularity and diversity.

5 pm: Workshop
Title: The healing effect of wild herbs

Najeha Abid, a Kurd from Iraq, was born and raised in Baghdad. There, she studied Arabic and Persian before her family immigrated to Germany in 1990. She is a founding member of the "International Gardens" in Göttingen, the first intercultural garden in Germany. In 2005, she gained the prestigious environmental award "Trophée de Femmes Terre - Women for the Nature" in Paris. Since 2008 Najeha Abid is working for the foundation anstiftung und ertomis focusing on "health and nutrition in intercultural gardens".

"In the gardens I have researched a lot about herbs as an alternative healing method. I prepared my own herbal teas and ointments. In 2013, I became a physiotherapist and learned more about wild herbs. Therefore, I can combine my knowledge that I gained in Baghdad with the newly achieved knowledge here in Germany."

In the workshop, the participants get an introduction to (wild) herbs that can be found in many gardens. Ingredients are determined; techniques of how to collect, dry and store these herbs are passed and areas of application are declared. In addition, the participants prepare different herbal teas together.

A conversation about the Golgi Park you will find hier!

Cultivate Community! Along with refugees and volunteers from the neighbourhood and in cooperation with various NGOs, an intercultural garden has been created on the green space behind the HELLERAU Festival Theatre: Golgi Park. The garden is a place where people can meet and discuss ecological issues, and links in with the HELLERAU artistic programme.

The garden is open to everyone at all times. Find us there in person at these times: Weds, Thurs, Sat 2–7 p.m. Tram 8 to the “Festspielhaus Hellerau” stop. The garden is behind the Festival Theatre.


Opening Hours:

Wednesday 14 – 19
Thursday 14 – 19
Saturday 14 – 19 Uhr

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