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  • 16/03/18 21:00

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GLEAM #03: CALL, CONNECT Curators and moderation : shawné michaelain holloway and Georges Jacotey In collaboration with Josefine Soppa

Don Washington (Chicago, IL),
Richard Kennedy (New York, NY),
Ei Jane Janet Lin (Chicago, IL),
Paula Nacif (London, UK),
Daglara and Viscosity (Athens, GR)

to join us #LIVE
From their own moments, from their own locations, they come to share with us what is available in the present : a song, a conversation, a point of view, and a word. The evening invites us all to inhabit a shared space through consenting to witness and to be witnessed in 4 consecutive, 10 minute blocks of time. While each performance is showing locally at the festival, the festival is streaming it back onto the net.

The uninterrupted content broadcast connects us all to the the world wide web and the emotions that get caught there in its constantly flowing stream of data. CALL, CONNECT is at once a document, a film, a play, a movie, a chat room, and an invitation. What it isn’t is static or definable. How do we connect with others who are far away? How do we feel their presence and intention through a space that always already distorts the transmission? Does a call evoke yearning? What about warmth?

Viscosity (aka Katerina Louloudi) is a drag artist and performer based in Athens, Greece. She is currently studying in the Fine Arts School of Athens. Daglara (aka Nikolaos Tsironis) is a fashion designer and drag artist based in Athens, Greece. He has studied fashion in the Royal Academy of Antwerp and he is running his own clothing label since 2015. Together, they are the House of Skorpina, collaborating on art projects, hosting and performing in queer parties in the underground athenian nightlife. https://www.instagram.com/daglara_experience/ https://www.instagram.com/viscosity__/

Richard Kennedy is a composer, choreographer, and librettist living and working in Hudson , New York while attending Milton Avery Institute (Bard MFA). Richard has presented work recently at Moma Ps1, Artists Space, Danspace, Performa17, Moma, The Studio Museum and Segue Foundation.

DON WASHINGTON JR Don Washington is an web based artist using video, photography, sound, and writing to navigate personal narratives based in public spaces aka da web. Currently finishing up their BFA at the School of the Art Institute of School. Their work is investigation into the onlines effect on the offline. They have exhibited at Dfbrl8r (Chicago), and Archer Beach House (Chicago). More of their work can be seen at https://vimeo.com/user44791294 and @raw_nda_ on Instagram

xXxtra.Princess xXxtra.Princess are princesses. xXxtra.Princess have extracted all knowledge from #WHYPpl and defeated the imperialist, capitalist, ablelist, cis-heteronormative, white supremacist patriarchy. xXxtra.Princess are weapons/products against/for mass destruction. xXxtra.Princess are princesses because everyone died. You can be an xXxtra.Princess too. All you have to do is #Feel. xXxtra.Princess is currently incorporated by Paula Pinho Martins Nacif and Ei Jane Janet Lin. http://xxxtraprincess.world/

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